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Isaac's Super Why Birthday

Hello family and friends!!! Isaac turned one years old on the 22nd (can you believe it, time flies!!!!!). Here is a complete party play-by-play as promised.  We had fun!
Love you guys!!


Isaac had a Super Why birthday party. He LOVES this cartoon and watches it everyday.There are curently no Super Why items in stores so I had to get real creative and make everything. It was fun though!
 For those who have never seen the show here's a quick review. Super Why (on pbs) is an interactive cartoon that teaches kids how to read, spell, alphabets, rhyme and problem-solving skills. It features four super hero characters(Super Why, Princess Presto, Alpha Pig & Wonder Red) who live in Storybook village. They go inside classic storybooks to solve problems and along the way they ask the viewers questions. I am  a HUGE supporter of this educational show because it is really helping Isaac recognize his alphabets. He sings to the songs and just lights up when Super Whyatt comes on the screen.

The Invites
Here are the invites!! I made them to look like the super duper computer that super whyatt uses. How cute are these!



The Birthday Boy!
As soon as the party started Isaac decided to go to sleep lol. He slept through most of it, but made up for it when he woke up.
sleepissy.jpg picture by shezblessedplayissy.jpg picture by shezblessed
issabook.jpg picture by shezblessed
issycand.jpg picture by shezblessed
The Decorations
We turned the room into Storybook Village! He LOVED it!
deco1.jpg picture by shezblesseddecore4.jpg picture by shezblesseddecor5.jpg picture by shezblesseddecor2.jpg picture by shezblessed
book1.jpg picture by shezblessedbookc.jpg picture by shezblessed
decor3.jpg picture by shezblessed

The Games
The first game we played was The Super Sweet Super Letter Search. The kids had to go throughout the house looking for the glittery super letters. Attached to each letter was a sucker.
DSCN3467.jpg picture by shezblessed lettersearch.jpg picture by shezblessed

super1.jpg picture by shezblessed

The next game we played was the Storybook Cupcake Walk.  The kids loved walking through the bubble machine and every child won a mini cupcake.
sv.jpg picture by shezblessedcakewlka.jpg picture by shezblessed
The last game we played was the Storybook Village Bean Bag toss. Each child had to get the four characters to storybook village. Whoever scored the most points won.
bing.jpg picture by shezblessedtoss1.jpg picture by shezblessed

Craft Time
For a craft, the kids made "All About Me" storybooks with fill in the blanks pages. They had fun decorating with stickers, buttons, rolly eyes, rhinestones and various items.
story2.jpg picture by shezblessedstory13.jpg picture by shezblessed

story1.jpg picture by shezblessed

The Food
For the food we had pizza, alphabet breadsticks, super why chocolate chip cookies, and juice boxes (to save the carpet) Oh and a Super Why Cake. It was all yummy
table.jpg picture by shezblessed
cookies1.jpg picture by shezblessed
Cake Time
Isaac hates sweets, including fruit so he was only interested in playing with the cake and gagged as soon as it touched his mouth lol. silly boy.
cakeissy1.jpg picture by shezblessedcakeissy.jpg picture by shezblessed

Treat Bags
Super Why treat bags filled with candy, can't go wrong there.
trea.jpg picture by shezblessed
Isaac received his very first radio flyer bike, a laugh and roll ball, a bounce and spin zebra, a handmade wooden car, clothes, building blocks, & books. Of course his favorite gift was the wrapping paper.
DSCN3585.jpg picture by shezblessed
Overall it was an excellent day!!!!!

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